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International Cultural Communication Club

The International Cultural Communication Club aims to broaden students' international horizon and facilitate the globalization of the university. The club makes full use of the diverse campus atmosphere and international student resources to introduce the cultures of various countries to other students. The multi-language courses organized by the club have won unanimous praise from the members, and the project "University-based Multilingual Training Course Development" won the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award.
Activities held by the club:
One large-scale event and one small salon are held each month such as Japanese language learning class, tea culture salon, multi-language courses, Mid-Autumn Festival activities, Chinese knot culture salon, etc.
Slogan of the club:
Broaden students’ international horizons, improve their cross-cultural knowledge and literacy

Starfire Volunteer Society

Established in 2015, the Starfire Volunteer Society is the first professional non-governmental organization in Ouhai District supported by Zhejiang Disaster Relief Association, Ouhai District Civil Affairs Bureau, Charity Federation, and Wenzhou University Youth League. Since its establishment, the Starfire Volunteer Society has actively carried out various relief and education activities concerning disaster prevention and mitigation, safety publicity, environmental protection, offline epidemic prevention, volunteer teaching etc. The activities were reported by media including People.com.cn, PhoenixNet, China Youth Network, etc. and popular among Wenzhou citizens. The society members also participated in the disaster prevention and mitigation seminars held by the Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province and published relevant papers.
Activities held by the society:
Red Cross rescue training, elderly care, disaster prevention and mitigation, VR training, anti-drug publicity, daily disaster prevention education, etc.
Slogan of the society:
A single spark can start a prairie fire.

Olive Branch Public Welfare Club

The Olive Branch Public Welfare Club was established in 1997 and is home to more than 200 student volunteers from Wenzhou University. It regularly carries out voluntary service projects such as volunteer blood donation, caring for children with autism, Children's Palace camping, free porridge giving, etc. The club has been awarded the title of "Zhejiang Provincial Outstanding Student Association".
Activities held by the club:
Sorting library book, organizing activities in Children's Palace, giving free porridge, volunteer blood donation, etc.
Slogan of the club:
Let every action for public good.

Tea Culture Society

Built in 2006, Tea Culture Society is committed to promoting the tea culture and knowledge.
Activities held by the society:
We invite professional tea masters to deliver lectures on tea culture in which for instance, students can learn to make tea in class. Other outdoor activities, such as picking tea leaves in the mountains and roasting them are also held in Spring.
Slogan of the society:
Elegance is all in the fragrance of tea.

Wenzhou University Social Work Society

Wenzhou University Social Work Society was built in 2006, with the focus on left-behind children in the overseas Chinese community. Funded by the government, it cooperates with Wenzhou Juvenile Art School, Lucheng District Democratic League, Lucheng District Youth League, etc. to organize a variety of activities for left-behind children in the overseas Chinese community in Qidu Town. In addition to regular services such as one-day trip to Wenzhou University, special activities on Children's Day, and fascinating courses, the club also hosts the summer camp at the Wenzhou University for those children.
The society won the Bronze Award in the Zhejiang Provincial Volunteer Service Competition in 2019. It has won 106 national, provincial and municipal awards, and 3,756 media reports in total.

Activities held by the society:
1.Work with other social welfare organizations every Saturday to bring various activities for left-behind children in the overseas Chinese community.
2. Hold summer camp in Wenzhou University for those children.

Slogan of the society:
Roses given to others, fragrance left in your hand.

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